Cross Border VAT is a leading technology solution for busy online retailers to manage their UK and European VAT. 

Cross Border VAT Software instantly tracks your sales VAT and sales tax in the UK and across Europe. Thanks to our advanced algorithms, your CBV account will show you your live sales data across Amazon, Ebay, Paypal and multiple other online marketplaces, so that you can account for exactly how much VAT and sales tax you will need to pay in real-time,

Cross Border VAT Software will keep you informed as to when you need to register and pay taxes in each European country,

Whether this is due to you using Fulfilment By Amazon, holding stock in Europe through third party fulfilment warehouses, or simply  because you have exceeded the distance selling thresholds in the Pan EU countries of Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland or the UK.

Cross Border VAT Software will do all the above in the currency of each country providing you with the foreign exchange reporting figures you need to file your VAT returns.

Another amazing tool Cross Border VAT can do is provide you with historical VAT reports. This can go as far back as 6 years so this will keep 

The unprecedented insight which Cross Border VAT Software tools give your business will ensure that you always stay one step ahead of your competition, while saving you time and money. 

Imagine how much easier your life would be if your cross-border VAT could be calculated at the touch of a button, Cross Border VAT Software just made that dream a reality. Take the pain out of cross border sales tax and VAT and register for your free trial of our software today

We are proud to help eCommerce sellers spend less time on VAT and focus their energies more on growing their businesses.

Tested and approved by real online retailers.

Online retailers tell us they have been looking for automated software to take over manual VAT calculations, but didn’t think a solution like this could ever exist. Well, now it does! Sales are automatically downloaded from integrated channels such as eBay and Amazon. You won’t have to manually go to each selling channel and download various reports one by one. Easily browse, apply filters and drill into your data. The feedback so far has been pretty awesome.