Say Goodbye to Complicated Sales V.A.T Accounting for Good!

For very little investment, our analytics software helps online retailers track and monitor EU tax liabilities by country and currency. If you sell physical products online in at least one marketplace, such as Amazon or eBay, you could be over- or underpaying V.A.T! Get it right with CBV.

FREE 30 day Trial

Are You:

  • Selling Online?
  • Selling Cross Border
  • Dealing with multiple currencies?
  • Selling on multiple marketplaces?
  • Got a V.A.T headache?

Track & Monitor EU V.A.T Thresholds

See how close you are to breaking an EU country’s V.A.T threshold so you can better prepare for registration in a country.


CBV will quickly fetch all your sales and refunds from your online marketplaces directly. Organise your EU sales data and let you view all your sales by country in the correct currency at the click of a button

Who Can Benefit from V.A.T. Software?

  • Online retailers based in the UK, Europe, USA, and China
  • Beginning to sell cross border or already selling cross border
  • ​Concerns about overpaying V.A.T. or incurring penalties for underpayment
  • ​Unfamiliar with the latest laws and regulations in various EU countries
  • ​Looking for other options than hiring staff to do the job
  • Desire Amazon-level security with sensitive sales data

Compare Our Calculations with Your Last V.A.T. Filing

We’re so convinced you will love the time and money you save by automating your V.A.T. data, that you get a free calculation of your previous V.A.T filing for comparison. If you overpaid on the last V.A.T filing, use the data to reclaim the difference from the V.A.T. office.

Your Accountant or Bookkeeper Will Thank You

All data is available as a downloadable excel file, ready for accountants or bookkeepers to review. Simply sign-up for 100% free 30-day trial and use the software to see if it lives up to your expectations. We also offer free support during this time period.

Tested and approved by real online retailers.

Online retailers tell us they have been looking for automated software to take over manual V.A.T. calculations, but didn’t think a solution like this could ever exist. Well, now it does! Sales are automatically downloaded from integrated channels such as eBay and Amazon. You won’t have to manually go to each selling channel and download various reports one by one. Easily browse, apply filters and drill into your data. The feedback so far has been pretty awesome.