OSS VAT Calculation & Filing Service for EU e-Commerce companies

We simplify the complexities in VAT compliance for online sellers trading within the EU Member States. From OSS registration to consultation to ongoing compliance service – we help EU established businesses stay compliant with local VAT regulations and tax rules.

OSS VAT Calculation & Filing Service for EU e-Commerce companies

We help EU established e-Commerce companies who do cross border sales in the EU. If you are unfamiliar with the latest OSS VAT regulations or tax laws of various EU countries - We can help you stay compliant for all your cross border transactions.

1. EU established online retailers

Are you an EU based online seller looking for a professional VAT intermediary? We will manage your VAT filing responsibilities and help you stay tax compliant in all EU countries.

2. Over paying VAT?

Are you concerned about overpaying VAT or incurring penalties for underpayment? Would you like an expert to handle all your VAT filing responsibilities month after month – at an affordable price? We can do that for you.

Affordable OSS Services

  • Affordable pricing for Amazon sellers & EU established online sellers
  • Fixed price irrespective of your turnover/revenue or number of transactions
  • VAT consultation with VAT experts whenever you need them
  • Complete peace of mind for online retailers, we take care of everything


is your best choice for IOSS?


Cost effective

Irrespective of your turnover, revenue or number of transactions, we follow a fixed pricing model. Whether you are looking for OSS registration or OSS filing services in multiple EU member states - our single pricing model covers it all.


Compliant to the rules & regulations

Our professionals are well experienced in dealing with cross border sales and update ourselves on various legal metrics including EU VAT registration, schemes, filing and various other tax obligations - specific for e-Commerce online sales within the EU member states.


Accurate VAT calculations

We deliver high quality VAT and sales tax calculation for e-Commerce sellers and online retailers for cross border transaction. On a month on month basis, we cross verify sales data with the country that you sell in order to ensure accuracy in VAT figures and calculations.

Are you an EU established
e-Commerce retailer selling
cross-border across EU Member States?

Use our OSS VAT calculation and filing services to stay compliant with local VAT regulation and tax rules. Whether you need OSS registration or ongoing filing services or a simple VAT consultation, we got you covered.

Frequently asked questions

EU One stop shop VAT registration and filing services

What is OSS?

The One-Stop-Shop (OSS) is an online portal which online traders or e-Commerce sellers can use to comply with VAT and tax laws for trading within the EU Member States.

Who can use OSS?

The OSS can be used by;

  • Taxable person established in the EU who is not a deemed supplier
  • Taxable person who is not established in the EU
  • Electronic interfaces or facilitating marketplaces established within or outside the EU

What are the benefits of OSS?

The new OSS is designed to simplify the VAT obligations for online sellers and electronic interfaces throughout the EU. OSS removes the need for online sellers to register/file VAT returns in each EU Member State where their customers are based. It facilitates single VAT Return filing for distance selling of products/services.

How to request OSS registration?

OSS registration can be done electronically by submitting an online application form to the tax authorities of your country. The tax authorities will then evaluate your application and approve the OSS registration request.

For Union OSS registration, no separate VAT number will be provided. Instead you can use your current VAT number.

Whereas for the Non-Union OSS registration or the IOSS scheme, you will receive a unique VAT identification number from your Member State of identification that has to be used for VAT declaration and payment.

In which EU Member State should I register for OSS?

The country for OSS registration depends on the country where your business is established.

  • EU based businesses should register in the country where their business is established.