Connecting Amazon Channels

This walk through guide will help you to get your Amazon channel set up and connected to Cross Border VAT software. Its a very simple 2 step process and it shouldn’t take up too much of your time!

Step 1 LOGIN.

After you receive your login password you would first have to login to your CBV dashboard which should appear like this. You then must input the email you signed up with and the password which would have been sent to you. 


After entering your details you will be brought to the main dashboard which is where you can start to add your channels that should look like this.  

You would have to click on the blue button Add+ which will then ask you for your Amazon Seller ID and MWS Token ID.


If you do not know those details you can click on the link highlighted in blue. Once you have the details you can enter them below. 

(KEEP A NOTE OF THE DEV ID 2021-1456-9517)

Once you have input that information you will then be brought to your main Seller Central Menu which is where you would need to complete the second part of this process.  

Step 2 Requesting reports

From the Seller Central Menu you need to click on Reports and then Payments following this tab.



From the payments screen below you will need to click on All Statements tab which you need to click Request Reports for every single Settlement Period from the beginning of time.


You would have to Request Reports for each individual Amazon channel for example:,,,, etc…

This part of the process can take minutes or hours and once completed all your sales data should appear on your CBV dashboard shortly after!!!


You have then successfully connected your Amazon channels to CBV!!!

For more info click here